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SBFNH State Council announces the opening position of State Leader. Christine St. Clair has filled the position as state leader for two terms and by-laws require a new leader take her place. Christine has been a driving force in obtaining our annual grants and planning and scheduling workshops and trainings throughout the years. She has been a true supporter of all we value as an organization.

Christine will stay on as Leader until a new person is nominated to fill the role. She has also agreed to stay on as co-leader to help with the transition.

Some of the duties required for state leader include:

1. Presides over all meetings of the State Council.

2. The leader only votes in case of a tie.

3. Performs all acts and duties usually performed by an executive and presiding officer.

4. Signs such papers of the Organization as he/she may be authorized or directed to sign by the State Council.

5. Acts as the point of contact for the Small and Beginner Farmers of NH.

6. As authorized by the State Council to sign contract, checks and other instruments in writing on behalf of the State Council. All financial instruments (checks, contracts obligating SBFNH, etc.) are limited $1000.00 without prior approval of the State Council.

7. Performs such other duties as may be prescribed by the State Council.

Please contact Christine at if you are interested in learning more about what she does as Leader or if you are interested in filling this position.

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