All Members Benefit

SBFNH offers members a wide variety of benefits from educational workshops, peer groups, county group meetings, newsletter, equipment rentals and more...

 Members share
resources, labor, advice and social support. They gather in monthly meetings where members organize money-saving bulk buys rent equipment and share ideas and experiences.

The Tri-County group of SBFNH maintains hay fields in the Laconia area.  Members can sign up to purchase 1st and 2nd cut hay from the field. Contact Us for more information.

Partnership with Genuine Local Commercial Kitchen:

  • For an added fee you get:

  • Use of the SBFNH state license for your value added products.

  • Access to the Boot Straps program to help with labeling, packaging, distribution and more.

  • Contact Genuine Local for more information.

See our list of equipment members can rent.  This is a great option for people who only use a piece of equipment on a limited bases or who want to try out a piece of equipment before purchasing.


Become a member or contact us for more information on how we can help you succeed.


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