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Affordable DIY High Tunnel

Extending the season is a great way to increase your food production. We knew we wanted to add a high tunnel to our farm. We looked around, but the prices were so out of reach.

The great thing about being a member of SBFNH is the connections you make and when Allan Mistler sent me a writeup about building our own high tunnel, I was sold.

The concept was simple and would cost us much less than purchasing a huge high-tunnel kit.

This design is 8 feet wide by 25 feet long and 7 feet high. A perfect size for what we wanted to do. We did hire a local construction company to build it for us, but if you are handy, you can build this yourself.

Thanks to Allan who video taped the process, we are sharing how to build this easy and affordable high tunnel. Click here to find the link.

A special thanks to Cherry Blossom Renovations in Loudon for helping us construct it.


Cindy Shea

Loudon, NH

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