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Chapter Barn Raising, a New Commercial High Tunnel Greenhouse - By Ed Chesky, Coos County

Members of the Coos County Chapter of Small and Beginner Farmers came together in association with other individuals to raise a high tunnel greenhouse on Sixteen Paws Organic Farm. The farm owners got the greenhouse under a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and needed help to assemble it. In keeping with the traditions of rural America our chapter, neighbors and associates of the farm came together on October 1st, 2020 to raise the greenhouse.

Work started following breakfast on the farm at 8 am. The group of volunteers ranged in age from their late 50s to late 70s. None of them had ever assembled a greenhouse before but had decades of construction experience to call upon.

By the end of the day 80 percent of the greenhouse had been constructed. The team planned to finish the bulk of the work the following day but weather conditions would not allow it. They are coming back together on October 9th to finish the project.

On 9 October the team will finish frame construction and cover the frame with its plastic covering. The farm owners will do the finish work of building the end walls themselves.

Overall this traditional barn raising allowed the Sixteen Paws Organic Farm to become a viable commercial operation and was in keeping with the mission and tradition of Small and Beginning Farmers of New Hampshire.

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