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State and Regional News

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Welcome to SBFNH News Updates

As you can see, our website has a new look. This is on ongoing project and new features will be added soon. Please browse through and let us know what you think.

Here you will find the latest updates on what is going on in your region and around the state. Have something you want to share with the group? Send it to your county representative and ask them to have it posted on the site. Submissions are edited for space and content.

Do you have an upcoming event to share with SBFNH Members?

You can look for a list upcoming events on our event page.

Each year SBFNH applies for grants to help us host workshops and events. Keep up to date on what is going right here in our news section.

We'll also put reminders here for membership renewals and upcoming events you need to check out.

Our goal is to use this website as a way to engage our members. Head over to the Contact page and send us any questions or comments!

Thanks for being a member!

Nubian Goats
Nubian Goats

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