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Important Notice - Please Read

Dear Members

Throughout 2022 our organization has struggled to keep things afloat. You may have noticed that there has been a lack of workshops and programs and previous bulk buys have not continued.

This year we were not able to meet the five-board member requirement to keep the board of directors running.

Due to insurance reasons, we have eliminated the hayfield program and have started to combine the different regions into one cohesive group.

Small and Beginner Farmers of NH is run strictly by volunteers. In that way we are able to keep membership costs and workshop fees low.

Unfortunately, though membership has grown, volunteers have not. The current group of volunteers have worked hard but need to step down. This brings us to a crossroads.

Without motivated and involved members, this organization cannot continue to meet the requirements of a non-profit organization. Running a non-profit takes work and there are many jobs that must be done. The more volunteers, the less work each needs to do.

The goal of SBFNH is to help new farmers learn the skills required to be successful regardless of what successful means to the individual. Whether you want to homestead, have a small farm stand or eventually move to commercial farming, this organization is here so members can collaborate with each other locally and with professionals from around the country.

In the past we have had speakers like Elliot Coleman, Charlotte Smith, and others who we have sponsored through AG grants. Seasoned SBFNH members have hosted free or low-cost workshops on their farms covering topics such as chicken processing, raising goats, growing garlic or beekeeping.

Cost saving programs such as our membership discounts at local farm and garden stores, bulk buy programs and equipment rentals have helped beginner farmers.

Many of us feel this organization is important and would like to see it not only continue, but thrive. However, this cannot be done without support and leadership.

The membership now needs to decide if it is willing and able to keep this organization afloat. A meeting and vote are needed in which members will need to decide if Small and Beginner Farmers of New Hampshire is worthwhile enough to keep going, or if the organization should be discontinued. We hope to schedule this meeting in early January.

If you feel this organization is important to you, please consider how you may play a role to keep us moving forward. If you feel this organization has run its course, please join this meeting to express your thoughts. Dissolving a non-profit takes a bit of work and decisions will need to be made regarding assets.

A meeting notice and link to the meeting with agenda will be posted on the website and social media. We will do our best to make the day and time accessible to most people. If you cannot make the meeting, you can contact [email protected] to provide your thoughts and vote.

We hope, as members, you feel this organization needs to continue and will step up to make this happen.



Board of Directors

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