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Meet the Candidates: Ashley Adams

Ashley Adams – Board (Communications)

My husband, Matt, and I own Narrow Pines Homesteaders, LLC out of Hollis, NH. We joined SBFNH in 2020, just prior to opening our business in 2021. The organization has been a valuable resource for our small backyard operation, and we want to keep it that way!

I’m volunteering for a board position with focus on communications. I am a 22-year customer service industry veteran, now self-employed, running my own business’ Facebook page, as well as moderating a small, local Facebook group revolving around chickens and the women who love them. During my career in customer service, I was responsible for answering customer phone calls and emails daily, and I always scored highly during reviews for both written and verbal communication.

I hope to take part in this “new beginning” for SBFNH and keep this organization alive for years to come!

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