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Meet the Candidates: Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams – Co-leader

My wife, Ashley, and I own Narrow Pines Homesteaders, LLC in Hollis, NH. SBFNH has proven to be a valuable resource to our business, and I see a huge potential to grow this organization.

My background is in the landscaping industry, specializing in agronomics. I have held various positions ranging from laborer to management with both large and small companies. Currently I am the agronomics manager for Siteone Landscape Supply. In my position, I work closely with the State of NH Department of Agriculture, and many vendors who would be interested in helping with discounts and training classes for members.

I see SBFNH as an organization that has the ability to grow and help many families, farms, homesteaders, and small businesses. My vision is to make SBFNH a well-known name, that helps communities, families, and businesses through educational workshops, early order programs, discount programs, and available grants.

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