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Tri-County Year-End Meeting

The Tri-County group is the largest, most active group in the state comprising of 2/3rds of all SBFNH members. We cover Merrimack, Belknap and Grafton counties. We host bulk buys, manage several hay fields and have the most active MPU rentals.

Our end of year meeting will be held on December 4th at 7PM via Zoom. A link to the zoom meeting will be sent out prior to the date.

As we prepare the agenda for this meeting, we want to hear from ALL members. Though we are called the Tri-County group, any members who wish to participate in our programs or projects are welcome.

We will be discussing the success of this years hay field project, 2021 bulk buy options, rental equipment updates and workshops we would like to present.

To get the most of SBFNH you need to help us by providing us with what you want to learn. The purpose of our group is to help people who want to learn to farm and homestead. What do you want to know? Where do you need help?

In the past we have hosted seed swaps, potato and garlic bulk buys, low cost hay, equipment rentals, workshops on various farming practices such as chicken processing and raising dairy goats, and more.

Bring your ideas to the meeting and feel free to ask questions and present your thoughts. The more input we receive the better we can serve our members.

Questions? Feel free to email Thanks!

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