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You Did It!

You did it! You stepped up to make SBFNH a great organization. We are very happy announce that we have several members who have volunteered to take over the hard work of running this organization.

Below are the names of the nominees and their desired position on the board. If you were a member in 2022 you will be eligible to vote at the March 25th annual meeting.

Nominated are:

Matt Adams - Co-Leader

Jay Lorah - Co-Leader

Carly Marquis Henson - Co-Treasurer

Heather Berube - Co-Treasurer

Aubrey Engle - Secretary

Ashley Adams - Board/Communication

Jon Leslie - Board

Several people have identified themselves as mentors: Steve Forde, Allan & Janice Mistler, Rick DeMark, Joan O’Connor, Cindy Shea, Jess Storey

If you are interested in helping, even in a small way, please join us on March 25 from 2-4pm via Zoom and let us know. Eventually, we will need committee members, volunteers for events and presenters/teachers.

Please RSVP for the March annual meeting on the Events Page. We will post the Zoom link to the event just prior to the meeting.

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